Tourism Ministry Government Complex, Putrajaya

Project Description

Client: Putrajaya Holdings Sdn Bhd
Location: Precinct 5, Putrajaya
Services: Civil & Structural
Completion Date: 2010
Project Value: MYR 521 Million

MMSB was appointed as the Civil and Structural Engineering Consultants for the Project. The 5G2 -Government building is strategically located at Precinct 5, Putrajaya. The building comprises of two 19-storey high towers, with three levels of shared split level basement. The heights of the towers are 80.675m to the highest floor and 90.731m to the highest point.

The floor plan of the building is 95 m x 300m and the basement is design as a water tight structure without the provision of any expansion joints or contraction joints. The superstructure floors are design as post tensioned floor slab and beam framed to reinforced concrete columns.

The building consists of:-

  • Multipurpose hall, taska, cultural axis
  • Exhibition area & functional rooms
  • Cafe lounge, gymnasium & library
  • Strong room for the ministries
  • Interior design to suit the end users
  • 1234 car park lots and 419 motorcycle parking lots

MMSB's scope includes:-

  • Conceptual and system planning
  • Preliminary engineering and cost investigation
  • Detailed design of substructure and super structure
  • Documentation and specification
  • Contract and site administration
  • Liaison with approving authorities
  • Supervision of construction of sub structure
  • Supervision of construction (ICE services) for super structure