Pan Borneo Highway Sarawak

Project Description

Client: Lebuhraya Borneo Utara
Location: Sarawak
Services: Design Management Team, Design Checking Engineers, Construction Management Services
Completion Date: Ongoing
Project Value: RM 16 Billion


The  Pan  Borneo  Highway  Sarawak  Phase  1,  is  approximately  740 Km in length, commencing from Sematan in the West to Miri in the East, and  is  proposed  to  be  implemented  on  the  DBFOM  model.  The construction process comprises of upgrading of the existing road to a dual-lane carriageway of ATJ R5/U5 standard.

MMSB – MSZ JV offering Construction Management Services, in terms of implementing and delivering the project  through  effective  controls over Cost, Quality, Safety and Constructability.

MMSB scope also includes independent internal review of 118 bridges including 3 numbers long span bridges


  • Review  construction  program  provided  by  the  contractor  for necessary feasibility and admissibility.
  • Review Construction Drawings/ Working drawings/ Shop Drawings (from Contractor) for applicability, after the same are vetted through by  Supervision  Consultants,  and  liaise  with  consultants/Engineers for  any  clarifications/modification/changes  found  necessary  (from construction point of view).
  • Advise contractor  for  advance  actions  required  to  be  taken  for expediting  works  without  compromising  on  quality  /  safety  and functional  requirements,  and  in  achieving  different  milestones  for completion of projects as per the construction schedule.
  • Monitor works  to  ensure  progress  in  line  with  “Construction Durations”  assigned  to  work  activities.  As  the  need  arises,  seek periodic updates of Master Program Schedule to mitigate delay.
  • Advise Contractor on  all  effective  ways  of monitoring progress  of works, and implementation of appropriate formats besides computer aided project management techniques.
  • Review contractor’s  Project  Quality  Plan,  for  ensuring  systemized work processes and flawless end result of works.
  • Review Monthly  Quality  Test  documents,  to  be  compiled  by contractor and vetted through by Supervision Consultants (SO), and forward the same to LBU for final approval and acceptance.

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